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Wedding Protection

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You've put so much into your wedding, your heart, your time, and your money. But what if the bridal salon loses your dress? Or your caterer backs out? Or severe weather rolls in? Wedding insurance can protect your special day.

Your wedding day is, potentially, one of the most expensive days of your life, and you have probably lost sleep worrying about some of the issues below:

  • The bride's dress - what if it is damaged or defective? What if the bridal salon goes out of business?
  • What happens if severe weather washes out your day?
  • What happens if the bride or groom come down with a serious illness?
  • The caterers - it will be a disaster if they fail to show. Similarly, the photographer and the entertainment.

Does your wedding venue require you to have liability insurance?
The average wedding now costs $27,000 and you can insure your investment for a minute amount, with no deductible.


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Liquor Liability

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