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Long Term Care

Take a Long Term View with Long Term Care Insurance

If you’re covered by Medicare, you may think you’re covered for illnesses and nursing home care for life. While Medicare and private health insurance offers coverage for shorter term health and personal care, they typically do not cover long term care after a certain period of time.

Long Term Care Insurance (LTC) is a way to safeguard your long term future. This type of insurance helps protect your individual assets when you are not able to perform certain activities of daily living (ADLs). While many people think of LTC as nursing home insurance, many of the policies today also cover home care, as long as the person covered is not able to perform certain ADLs. These policies can be purchased with many different options and can also include respite care for a family care provider.

Purchasing LTC, life and disability insurance can be very confusing given the vast array of insurance companies, plans and options. That’s where we come in. Insurance, Inc. has many experienced agents who can help you strategize a plan for these critical coverages. We will also assist you with filling out applications and the underwriting process.

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